Yves Midy Biography

Pure product of the College of Arts, University of Science and Technology of Kumassi (Ghana), Yves Midahuen alias Midy is the prototype of a painter with an exceptional career in the name of art. This Beninese artist combines research and creation to form a pair based on the virtues of a new art. ” The paintings of Midy are in the category of major works that meet all the standards of the plastic art … ”. Richard SOGAN, Director of Cultural Heritage remains peremptory. Midy has come a long way and the artistic quality of his works testifies to this.


Midy shapes his world: his canvases come out of the entrails of divine beauty or at least, reflect the depths of God’s achievements to lead to works that please. Contemplation and greeting of divine creativity, his major sources of inspiration, determine his works full of reflections that challenge the individual and collective consciousness.  This is the result of his so much displayed faith, because for him God is at the center of everything. “I worked with Midy several times. I can tell you that before working he always relies on God. And his works reflect a divine inspiration “testifies Ayeva MEDJEVA, painter of Togolese origin.


In the accomplishment of his art, the visual artist shows a mastery of light. The color scheme is unequivocal. From ocher to signify his attachment to the African land, he switches to blue to reinforce his mode of expression that is the abstract.


Liberty and a clear desire for openness guide the symbols that his works convey. The characters evoke a story that never ceases to challenge society. ” His particular style and his surrealist connotation make the originality of his works ” says MEDJEVA.


The drive in the work is tireless. A work full of commitment that denotes a certain personal mythology.


Regarding Midy, the Togolese art critic Deo LAISON says bluntly: ” the arrangement coupled with the voluminal and spatial relationships give to the texture of the paintings a thickness which marries the gravity of the themes of predilection of the visual artist”.


The techniques that instruct his brush make his works those that do not hesitate to identify.


Exhibitions. Africa, Europe, America (Canada), Asia (China in this case), his works circulate in international exhibitions.


Midy lives and works in Cotonou (BENIN)


Armand Freitas VIDEGLA, journalist, cultural heritage manager