Juliet Ezenwa Pearce Workshop

Peaceful resolution-paintergraph plate (embedded with mirrors)on canvas.measuring 40  by 47 inches produced in 2012.

Four gorgeously attired African young women in a conversation. The front –facing central figure with her hands o the shoulders of the two nearest her in a guesture indicating that she is soliciting for a truce to some conflict.the fourth figure is depicted in support of the truce.the four are wearing the traditional attire of young brides and their maidens commonly found during marriage ceremonies.


For acceptance into society-cloth collage and acrylic on canvas.51 by 47 inches 2015.

This work was created to express  a deeper investigation into some of the reasons why fgm still persists in some African societies.the work shows two young African females walking through an African rural landscape.they are both gorgeously dressed as if going to attend a  ceremony.they look like new wives enjoying the assured protection of their families and the acceptance of the society.

10-The maiden’s parade-acrylic on canvas.44 by 56 inches.2016

One of the rights of passage into womanhood in some African societies is  the initiation-rights .which may include fgm.however there is a lot of dancing and parades involved. This is where the celebrants walk through the town nude.it is said that to be able to make this walk ,one had to be a virgin.I was fortunate to have witnessed  this parade and I cannot forget the blissful innocence and purity displayed by the young girls .indeed they were virgins.


3-The decision makers.-48 by 51 inches.cloth collage and acrylic on canvas.2015

The central masquerade is depicted dancing ,representing the traditional practices of the society as a bunch of fearful girls await their fate.While the faceless-elders are seated together at the top left taking decisions.


7-the brides-34 by 36 inches ,acrylic on canvas 2016


8-The politician-27 by 39 inches acrylic on canvas 2014

The front facing ,central figure in mid-speech is the politician. He is depicted as a traditional African seer or chief priest indicated by the white paint around the eyes(white paint around the eyes means that the see beyond the ordinary ,therefore they are the wise men).he is surrounded by a lot of people ,some have white around their eyes too,showing that they are as wise as he is.


8-three Nigerian girls-27 by 21 inches mixed media on canvas,2014.

Three little girls with tribal markings signifying that they are from three major tribes of Nigeria.they look ahead together ,uncertain of what the future holds.


9- face of terror-28 by 26 inches.paper collage and acrylic on canvas.2012

This work was inspired by the troubling happenings in norther Nigeria due to bokkoharam insurgency.

A central terrifying figure (with a gun,wearing a face mask) is standing against a red background indicative of the blood that has been shed in northern Nigeria ,while people are seem fleeing in all directions.


Guards of honour-46 by 28 by 9 inches.Art installation.

It is said that in African when you want to advocate for a change, you first introduce  a masquerade.in the course of unraveling the masquerade the message is dis eminated.the masquerade becomes the harbinger of change.This installation is my protest and advocacy for a change in my society.


11-12-faces of ezenwa- acrylic on canvas 39 by 27 inches 2012

Faces of ezenwa is an attempt to capture those fleeting moments as expressed on the faces of ordinary people.