Abdulrazaq Ahmed Biography

Born in 1976. Abdulrazaq is a mixed media artist, a graduate of Urban and Regional Planning at the prestige Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.


Ahmed is a self-taught expressionist whose works reflect on societal catastrophes using acrylic, pencil, charcoal and burnt newspaper. His earlier influences include the works of Salvador Dali and Gani Odutokun.


He considers his art a confluence of the Zaria School and the itinerancy of memories from childhood.


He has a precocious interest in all forms of artistic expression borrowing from materials and influences in the different locations he has lived across the country (Nigeria).


Through his style, he extends a visual invitation to celebrate the beauty of our lives despite the uncertainty, as we catch glimpses and realities of the people around us.


Eyes and Facial expressions became a starting point in his artistic approach, an attempt to reconstruct and reignite our collective awareness of these beauties and realities among us amid chaos. His approach is derived from his training as an Urban Planner, which continually pushes him to experiment with material until it takes a new form through regeneration.


This, he applies, through the process of pyrography of such; burning newsprint on canvas, painting on them and then transferring this new imagery on to a fresh canvas, thus highlighting the multi-layered realities that exist in this climate of ours and of the world.


Ahmed superimposes portraits and profiles of the female gender on on burnt newsprint, creating collages that are informed by both his experiences and imagination using these to draw attention to our individual realities, richness and other endowments of our life.


More so, the journey into his present technique started with his experimentation on the materiality of burnt newspaper from 2007 till date.


He has participated in several art exhibitions within and outside Nigeria.


He is a silver prize winner of the 2007 Experience Nigeria Awards

created in celebration of Fela Kuti.


Currently, he is base in Lagos with his wife and children.